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Riverfile | How it Works

Riverfile is a JV Launch Calendar and its for Vendors to add their upcoming launches and Affiliates to have access to latest and quality products to promote.

This is how it works......

For Vendors

1. Create your product or organize your events, webinars
2. List your products on product networks or on your personal website
3. Register on riverfile as a vendor
4. List your products on riverfile as well as your contests, webinars or events.
5. Get lots of exposure for your product leading to your product launch and get more sales and profits.




For Affiliates.....

1. Register on riverfile as an affiliate
2. Find products you want to promote by launch date, category, network, big launches etc
3. Register to promote any chosen product(s) by signing up as an affiliate on vendors landing page
4. Review or promote these products to your audience or followers
5. Make sales and earn commissions from the sales..



If you need any more help, check our Knowledge Base page. You can also contact support at support@riverfile.com.

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