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Riverfile | FAQ

1. What is riverfile all about?

Riverfile is a new Internet marketing product launch calendar. Riverfile brings Vendors and affiliates together to create a joint venture opportunies to earn more money. Vendors get more exposure for their products and affiliates get quality new products to promote to earn more commissions.

On Riverfile, you can list your product launch, webinars, events and contests. As an affiliate, you can promote any of the listed products, webinars, events and contests to earn more commissions.

2. Is riverfile a Network?

No, riverfile is not a network.. We are a product launch calendar and so where you can have your products listed and let joint partners and affiliates aware of when your products will launch.
We give yuou all the exposure you need to help you gain more sales.. You need to add your prodicts on networks like jvzoo and affiliates get their affiliate links on the same networks.. You also get paid from the networks whetehr you a a vendor or affiliate..

3. what is a jv or joint venture?

Joint ventures is a strategic alliances or partnership that allows established businesses to share markets, assets, intellectual property, knowledge, and profits. The joint venture contract on riverfile allows vendors to give a portion of their earnings to joint partners and affiliates.

4. How do I submit my launch on riverfile?

Register on riverfile as a vendor and log in to your account to start adding products, events, webinars and contests. Its free to submit products

5. How do I edit my existing launch listing on riverfile?

Its easy to edit products, events, contests and webinars you already listed on riverfile. Login to your account and click on edit beside your listing. You can easily edit your product listing at any time.

6. What is a Big Launch?

Big launches are listed products from top vendors that have consistently released top selling products. They are products from analyzed vendors with top selling products that still can be bought and were launched during the last 2-3 years.


7. How do i have my listings listed as a big launch?

If you have high end products and are consistent with succesful product launch in the last 2-3 years, your products will be listed in the big launch column.

8. What is a Sponsored Listing?

Featured listing are products listing paid for and can be seen at the top of the listing. You can have a featured listing at the top of the listing by paying a small fee. There are only 3 spots at a time for featured listing.

9. How do I update my account settings?

login to your account and go to settings.. Click to edit your names, emails, photo, details etc.

10. I am having Login Issues.

You can reset your password if you are having login problems.. Just go to the login page and click on "forgot password". You will get a mail in your email box to reset your password.. Click on the link in the email and enter a new password.. Now you can login with your new details

11. I am having other Issues..

You can contact the  support by using the contact form on the support page. We will get back to you as soon as possible

12. How do i get extra exposure for my products?

You can get extra exposure for your product by buying our banner ads or featured listing. You get extra traffic from these strategic banners ads and featured listing. We have affiliates ready to promote your products, events, webinars and contests massively. Take advntage of the extra buzz by buying banners ads and our special sponsored listing spots

Check out our Knowledgebase Page if you have more questions..

If that does not answer your questions, use our contact us form at to contact support at We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Note that our support staff does not work on weekends so any enquiry made on weekends will be asnwered the following Monday..

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